Our Customers

Several companies, small businesses and websites choose us for their Live Chat needs.


Yasin Demir <CEO, WoW Items>
LiveChatMax is awesome. Not only for being cheap but also offers many features that you can't find at any other live chat software. First of all you can send and receive files. I have used countless live chat services before and never seen file transfer feature at any live chat service.

You can also adjust the background. We use World of Warcraft themes. That makes our customers feel like they came to right website for shopping. LiveChatMax also offers 256 bit SSL security. So both customers and we feel that the data is safe.

Another feature is there are tabs for multi conversations and each customer see their position in queue so that they know that we are online and they're waiting instead of leaving the chat immediately. This increased the number of our customers. If the client disconnects somehow during chat there is a notification appears on the operator window so you know that the client will come back.

To sum up, LiveChatMax offers max of everything like its name; max safety, max amount of feature, max $ saving and max satisfaction.